“These songs are well crafted short stories laced with memory as narrative device and theme. A line like “this is the place where we talked about parting/ the change in your face marked the actual end…” from “Twenty Days (the Slumber)” is worth the price of admission but they keep coming.” -- JJ Hayes - American Songwriter Magazine

“[I’ve] been wanting to get The Bowmans in studio for a long time since hearing their first album, Far from Home…” -- Bob Harris - BBC 2 Whispering Bob Harris Show

“The harmonies are indeed stunning… the choral purity of their voices lends a hymn like quality to the songs…the strength of the material and those amazing voices... has ensured The Bowmans have a growing following on the New York folk scene.” -- J. Alder - Americana UK

“… a knack for songwriting that still hasn't managed to lose its sense of imagination... if their music can stay this sweet in a city this tough, or this authentic in a world so quick to adapt and discard the latest fad, they’ll never have left that Iowa hill behind. ” -- Christin Roman - The Deli Magazine

…Their music resonates with a distinctive personality all its own…their gentle demeanor finds them wistful and whimsical. It’s a sound that brings the Roches to mind … but only when those Roche siblings reveal their more sobering side. -- Mare Wakefield - Performing Songwriter

"The Bowmans reveal an enchanting blend of voices... Clearly there are no boundaries that keep the Bowmans fenced in as they find themselves "On the Road," a pastoral slice of Jesse Sykes-style rustic pop where they discover (but don't care) that "the road may take a toll on you."-- Steve Appleford - LA Weekly

“A perfectly beautiful way to wake up” -- Jessie Scott - Music Fog

“In short, The Bowmans are the best vocal duet to grace the Jezebel Music Songwriter Showcase. Sarah Bowman's lyrics are deceptively mysterious... the listener catches one level of the meaning to later find the dark twist of the story.” -- Gabriel Levitt - Jezebel Music

“Die Schwestern schaffen es ,den Zuhörern allein mit ihren Stimmen und minimaler instrumentaler Begleitung Gänsehaus zu bescheren.” - Barbara Rufenacht - ONZ Obwalden und Nidwalden Zeitung


David S. Rubin

Sandrine Burn

Sandrine Burn

Sandrine Burn


The Bowmans at Joe's Pub

New York, NY.


The Bowmans at Music Fog

@The Folk Alliance, Memphis TN.